About Chris Allchin

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Chris Allchin is a serial entrepreneur and business investor with a track record spanning over 15 years. During this time, he has bought and sold more than 10 businesses across multiple industries. Through his strategic acumen and knack for combining the right people with the right strategies, Chris has achieved remarkable success, generating over $50 million in revenue.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt, Chris is passionate about connecting like-minded individuals to help them grow their business empires. As the Managing Partner of Certify you Australia, he serves as a bridge between entrepreneurs, facilitating collaboration and fostering growth opportunities. Chris is also available for business partnerships, investments, and mentorship, eager to share his expertise and contribute to the success of others.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Chris Allchin is a champion of change, dedicated to driving positive transformation in the business world. His commitment to innovation and fostering collaboration reflects his vision for a more dynamic and inclusive entrepreneurial landscape. With an unwavering enthusiasm for meeting new challenges and making meaningful strides, Chris looks forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and forging impactful partnerships that drive progress and innovation.